I haven't met a cupcake I didn't like. That being said, these are my favorites.
  1. Black & Whites
    This is my go-to at Sprinkles
  2. Vanilla with Chocolate Icing
    I have one of these (or several) every time I'm in New York City. Magnolia Bakery is simply heaven on earth.
  3. S'mores
    I'll try anything with this title. Gigi's Cupcakes have these available everyday during the fall.
  4. Irish Chocolate
    I'm sure many people wish St. Patrick's day was celebrated all year. I back that plan mainly for the Irish Chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles! It only appears seasonally which makes it even more desirable.
  5. German Chocolate
    Go homemade with this one! Nothing beats a homemade German Chocolate cupcake that is still warm. Don't forget the pecans!