I just turned 31 and this is a list of what I want out of my next year.
  1. A better understanding of my limits
    I tend to take on too much and have a hard time saying no to an opportunity or a chance to help someone. However, in the end I usually burn out. I want to find a healthy balance of being available and watching out for my own needs.
  2. Sexy arms
    I have great arms when I choose to workout. This means taking more time for myself. Get that bod!
  3. To buy a guy a drink
    A very hard breakup over a year ago threw me for a loop. I want to get my confidence back and I think that means learning how to put myself out there again. It may be awkward at first but if awkward moments killed people then I would never have made it out of my teens.
  4. To stop drinking energy drinks
    This one is more for my sponge-kidney than me...I love caffeine but am prone to kidney stones. Drink more water!
  5. To love myself and all my quirks
    I have A LOT of quirks but also have a huge capacity to love. I just need to apply it to myself.
  6. A new spiritual experience
    I've always wanted to visit a multi-spiritual church to broaden my view of spirituality and religion. I owe it to my 7 year old self who was forced to sit in a southern baptist pew despite her protests.
  7. My Sephora free birthday gift
    Those are the best and I look forward to them all year.