My first list. Hopefully not my last.
  1. Sunday Mornings | Sleeping in a little extra and reflecting on the past week and panicking about the week to come. Did I mention my sleeping in, reflecting and panicking is within the extra one minute I'm allowed before all hell breaks loose.
  2. Asian cinema | Truly my obsession since the days of Kung Fu theater back in the day. I've evolved to more sophisticated Asian movies but secretly I love them cuz the wife and kids hate subtitles.
  3. A good story | I enjoy a good story in any iteration. People telling anecdotes, a book, a podcast, a comic book, and any other way. I am a sucker who falls in every time to a well told tome.
  4. A good no look pass | I love basketball. Everyone enjoys the dunk and a good crossover but gimme a no look any day. A no look pass means the assist man knew 3 seconds prior to the pass that the other player was gonna be where they were supposed to be.
  5. My kids' look of wonder | In the digital world we live in, it is hard to surprise your kids very often but when they get surprised by something they never saw before, that look of wonder makes me smile.