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  1. Sweden is to Finland as Canada is to the U.S.
  2. Santa Claus is from Finland
    We have Santa Park and that proves it so shut up!
  3. Finns invented the actual Molotov cocktail
  4. Finns don't fangirl out on celebrities.
    I dare you celebs - come here and you will be ignored because a) you won't be recognized b) people are afraid they'll bother you and you'll yell at them or c) they think you're no better than them so why acknowledge you
  5. Finns drink most coffee in the world per capita
  6. We have room!
    We have over a square kilometre per inhabitant
  7. The first university was founded in 1640 to Turku
  8. Turku was Finland's capital before Helsinki
  9. Finland was part of Sweden for over 600 years and Russia for over a 100
  10. Nobody calls it 'soccer' here
  11. Finns tend to speak good English
    Personal observation: I think partly because we subtitle everything
  12. Finns love ice hockey
  13. Really, really love ice hockey