Did you know Finns consume most coffee per capita in the world? We do, and therefore it makes sense that we have plenty of charming cafés! Check these out if ever in Helsinki. ☕️
  1. Café Regatta
    A red cottage by the sea where they actually GIVE you money for a refill! P.S. Good pastries and a option for kayaking.
  2. Café Succès
    A classic. Have a cinnamon bun.
  3. Rupla
    Have your coffee with almond milk, soy milk, oat milk... The café has for example morning yoga and displays local artists' work - a place with true neighbourhood feel.
  4. Café of the blue villa
    A great pit stop on a walk arounf the Töölö bay.
  5. Café Tin Tin Tango
    All day continental breakfast. A Töölö classic with a French feel.
  6. Brooklyn café
    A drop of Brooklyn in Helsinki. Cozy and a bit rough around the edges.