My Life, In Photos

My life consists of a lot actually...
  1. My boyfriend of four years.
    April 14 2013
  2. Coffee
    Drinking coffee. Making coffee. Being coffee. I need coffee.
  3. Art
    I've been an artist for years and it is my favorite thing in the world
  4. College
    I go to a private college. I'm a senior getting my bachelors degree in advertising and design communications. I'm also on the deans list.
  5. Eating healthy and being healthy
    I'm a vegetarian. I only eat fish and eggs. I eat mostly healthy.
  6. Nerdy things
    I've always been into Pokémon and comics. Manga, anime, books.
  7. Pokémon go
    This game takes up the majority of my life now.
  8. My dogs.
    This is Boo Bear but I also have a bichon named Angel and I love them.
  9. Cosplaying
    I cosplay so much. I love cosplaying Harley because she's a quick and easy cosplay to do for beginners and for events that happen where I don't have time to construct a huge cosplay.
  10. Snapchat
    I'm always on snapchat and Instagram. They are my favorite apps.