And the nonsensical things I wrote in my dream journal upon waking up in an attempt to remember them later
  1. Cotton candy stuck in sky like clouds, accomplished by over two hundred people blowing them into the air at the same time.
  2. hunting evil cats, evaporating? lasers. Assigned to cabin in woods, two blonde brothers younger than me, told them what I was doing, they said their cat was on the porch. Went to the porch followed cat into the house, pointing my laser at it, but it didn't disappear. It ran into a dark room, hid under a set of cabinets
  3. At restaurant and took longer than everyone else to order. The waitress left before getting to me and instead brought back a honey sandwich that we had to pay for. I couldn't eat it so I ordered off the menu anyway.
  4. Parents got angry and dropped my laptop out window, so I left to live with my Chemistry table group
  5. Got electrocuted - water on outlet
  6. Splint/mouth guard broke and became pasty in mouth, mom said would have to pull tooth
  7. Then at school walking home through flowers got lost so back inside through feminism museum history thing
  8. Cousins joined us at some point, then got annoyed because we missed the show
  9. Hug, show grade system?, say hi
  10. Seat away from family but went to sit in empty seat by them instead because fog was covering stage Had already seen it so went to kitchen. Someone was there asking to borrow Popsicle sticks, I said we're using them for mini corn dogs but he still needed them so we made the corn dogs and as people left they ate them and he collected sticks
  11. Kidnapped by person with group of peers, sat in circle cutting things from magazines, after weeks went out to balcony and called nine one one. Rocket launch with cousins, competition festival thing, turned into airstrikes and went to pastel-colored hotel with uneven floors and slanted walls to escape?
  12. In a dreamlike state, went to store with family and a few aunts/uncles. I tried and tried and tried to find Oreos at the end of the shopping trip, and couldn't find them. I decided they must be out, so I would just find some other kind of treat or candy. I looked through every isle every table piled with food, with no luck. We gave up went to movie
  13. Sitting in a dark taxi on the way to event, wearing a plum-colored dress. I was attempting to do my makeup in a small compass mirror. There was a guy next to me who offered to help, as he was supposedly a makeup artist. I said sure, he finished, car stopped. I thanked him & said "wow I look like another person" he said "that's because you are."
  14. I was a spy person that went around talking people down from harmful, dangerous, or criminal acts. I had a group of five others and we were assigned to five different people that day. One of them had a dog and we were worried it would die because he or I had a vision of it dying
  15. Was at school with different table groups, big desks, dark room, projector
  16. Started throwing paint balls at each other but none of them broke. Later pulling car out of driveway, stopped to look underneath and pull out some paint balls and books
  17. Went around with cousins to retrace Harry Potter's steps from the movie and video our feet walking as though we were the Harry Potter characters. "Every Step of Harry Potter." Then had some chocolate ice cream
  18. School newspaper accidentally ate donuts that were Yearbook's, so my dad and I drove out at night to buy them new donuts The town was attacked by a big rat/lizard creature
  19. time traveled, was living on a farm with chickens, went to grandparents house and they called the police because didn't know who I was
  20. I could go to Paris with my Chemistry class. Or, I could stay and attend the choir rehearsal to practice hitting the last note of the Phantom of the Opera medley for my big audition.
  21. Two staff members of my school newspaper were dogs. They talked and were humans, but everyone including them were under the impression they were dogs.
  22. Lots of people died at different points, but one at a time (one person would die, then the dream would reset itself and someone else would die). We went up in a hot air balloon alongside trees with fluffy pink blossoms.
  23. someone was a famous person I knew and also had designed/created the pink and blue flower barrettes I happened to be wearing.
  24. Cara Delivingne, Nat Wolff, and random other people were making a movie about a whale/shark attack on an elaborate wide water slide set. Everyone fell in love
  25. We were at an arcade/exhibit place -- I was with brother and my dad -- we were looking for some sort of trophy or cup thing, and I can't remember why.
  26. Was going to have breakfast but we decided we didn't have enough time because I'd be late to school. My mom came home and reminded us it was summer. We all went to Qdoba, I ate chicken, eggs, tortilla, and watermelon. The girl working there was upset that I wasn't getting enough to eat so she gave me a thick sweater from their spring collection
  27. threw sponges and stuffed animals at me, and later the sounds of my screaming were used in some sort of commercial.
  28. Dyed my hair purple and almost dyed my face blue which apparently would have been a fairly normal thing. Went to a small corner store to do this, worked with a lady with short hot pink hair.
  29. Went around in car to different places, traveling with a group and an instructor. We had to write about all of the places and each got to pick one last place to travel to. We flew over it in a helicopter and we weren't going to land but then I decided to. There was a big gray cloud floating high over the city, the buildings were short colorful.
  30. I was at a chocolate shop with my family and I ate a caramel. I saw two pairs of my classmates kissing
  31. I was in jail for driving the wrong direction down the road on the way to a funeral, and I loved jail. Had a curling iron, food, lots of unique close friends, very happy for some reason. Hope it is recurring. Can't remember most details
  32. In a barn, opened a curse, saw a bunch of classmates, thought it was a movie, then had to finish a curse, opened a house around us I was with two close friends, one boy one girl -- then down in basement feeding cats before dinner.
  33. VidCon was at my elementary school, my cats were there
  34. I was the princess of fall & wanted to be the princess of spring because she wasn't very good at her job I became her friend, we were both on air for TV. live music, giraffes, i would declare I wanted to become the spring princess but I had become friends with the spring princess so sent away guy bringing me speech, decided to tell her in private
  35. Was vlogging in my room and these little tiny wire tops with orange beady centers started multiplying whenever I picked them up. I vlogged an epic roller coaster.
  36. Pillows clothes jewelry in a family owned hotel
  37. I gave birth to a baby
  38. Beetle and spider in closet, cats and dogs all posing
  39. Family was going to have a photo shoot, instead parents let high school kids (one girl two boys + boys' friend) on long road trip to all of the major U.S. cities, first stop Orlando. Took credit card, eventually girl wanted to go home, stressed about missing school.
  40. Weird party with a my-age Emma Watson
  41. My class going on a field trip to space. Sadly, no way to come back down. Parents decided to not let me go. Before I went home that day, decided to check out the spaceship. Lots of levels, a ton of people I knew. It was dark yet colorful, with lights everywhere, kind of like a club. Rides available, music playing. Someone gave me pink nail polish
  42. We became broke and starving in some kind of theme park similar to Disney World because we kept paying $10 for the cousins to go on some orange little mini/kids' roller coaster
  43. Paragliding with grandparents
  44. I was at Chuck E Cheese's and lost the toy I earned down the gutter so the guy behind the counter told me to find my school's band teacher because he had the key. We got it and I got a new toy, a little jelled red car, instead of the green one I'd picked out. Someone from the store came to my house and was impressed by my collection of trinkets
  45. Friend and and I walked to get mail, there were a few keys on top, she tried them in different mail boxes and unlocked peoples' mail, going though them. We both got in trouble with the police and had to go to court the next day, we got away with it - we had each of our family members say that one of the boxes was theirs and we were getting them all