Everything I've Eaten Today

It's been a weird day for food
  1. Piece of gluten-free toast with strawberry cream cheese
    We went to a bagel shop a few days ago and bought a tub of it.
  2. Gluten-free crackers with strawberry cream cheese
    I wasn't done with that cream cheese. It's delicious. Plus, we need to use it.
  3. Two chicken cheese "pupusas"
    They were in the freezer and I was hungry and they were delicious
  4. A frosted gluten-free chocolate chip cookie
    My mom bought some cookies from Eileen's on the way home from work
  5. Two banana muffins
    We made them from scratch
  6. Scallops, broccoli, gluten-free pasta, peach slices
    For dinner
  7. More gluten-free crackers and strawberry cream cheese
  8. A few M&Ms and some pudding