1. I've been consuming a lot of strawberry cream cheese lately. Hashtag no regrets.
  2. Grace Vanderwaal is awesome. Still can't believe she retweeted my video!
  3. This dog is so lovely but UGH stop trying to snatch my snack.
  4. Ugh college seems so stressful I can't WAIT
  5. All I want is for the DIRECTV logo to hit the corner of the screen, like in The Office
  6. The Office is an incredible piece of art. The Office! THE OFFICE. JIM AND PAM. the office. parks and rec. April. Ron Swanson LOL. Leslie Knope. Amy Poehler. Tina Fey. Kimmy. The Office office office
  7. I want to watch AGT
  8. Tape Face is awesome. I strive to be that cool.
  9. I'm doing a video tomorrow I hope people send me their clips
  10. Yum strawberries and strawberry cream cheese
  11. Hmmmm HMMMM
  12. Why on earth am i so tired today ugh I feel so ANXIOUS WHY I didn't even do anything stressful today UGH I'm so privileged I need to stop complaining UGH distract yourself with strawberries
    Wait did I just say that out loud
  14. Okay I'm reeaaaddddyyyy...
  15. I like it when flowers and plants pop up from cracks in the sidewalk. Why does that annoy people? Why can't we just let some weeds grow sometimes? What if I'm a weed? Like in Alice in Wonderland but more metaphorical and deep. Sea turtles. What am I even talking about? I'm not a weed. I'm a tree or something.
  16. Heyyyy how about some AGT!? AMIRIGHT
  17. Strawberries
  18. Death
  19. Strawberries