Thanks,@dad3 Always fun to think of positive things
  1. My family
    High schooler starts his freshman year next week. He's been in an "Early Start" program this week and he's adjusting. Feels great to have him start to stretch his wings.
  2. Music
    I love discovering new music & listening to mixes from my youth. Right now, I'm enjoying Summertime 7 from Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie (google it and download for free).
  3. Being active
    A decade ago, I was diagnosed with a myeloproliferative blood disorder that caused a liver clot. The yo-yoing of energy, weight, and lack of exercise was tough. Right now, I'm in a good place - was on vacation in Santa Cruz last week & was able to walk, hike, run, and play on the beach with no problems. My wife pointed out that 2 years ago I was unable to be active.
  4. Quiet
    So precious and rare in a house with 10-yr old & 13-yr old sons. When they were younger, they'd get to bed by 8 every night. Now, it's between 9 & 10, respectively. I love to wake up before everyone else, or (more likely) stay up while everyone else sleeps.
  5. Alone time for my wife & me
    We used to have a weekly date night where my parents would stay in with the kids while we went out to dinner or a movie. We'd also go out of town for a weekend every couple of months. It's been too long since we've done either & we're in middle of kitchen remodel so we've got a few more weeks until my parents can spend time with the kids & we can go out.