Things can get complicated
  1. Woke up at 5. Too early & went back to sleep. Got out of bed at 6:20.
    14-year old sound asleep & he needed to be in shower.
  2. Took a shower, came out to both 14-year old & 11-year old doing nothing.
    Watching YouTube on devices while on couch & chair.
  3. Encouraged boys to get breakfast.
    11-year old complained then over-poured milk.
  4. Finished getting ready (shaving, getting dressed) while boys fought.
    Only had to stop getting ready 3 times.
  5. Son left his over-poured milk for me to add to my cereal & coffee
    Decided to eat breakfast
  6. At 7:25, 14-year old came running into dining room screaming, "we're going to be late!"
    I had a flashback to Airplane! & wanted to smack him to help calm him down.
  7. We left at 7:30 & he blamed me the whole ride for eating breakfast & repeatedly told me he was blameless & it was all my fault.
  8. We arrived at his summer school with 5 minutes to spare.
    Didn't acknowledge anything, just left
  9. I dropped the 11- year old off for soccer camp.
    He was a bit sad that the friends he made yesterday weren't there but I bet none of them have siblings going to summer school classes that start +1 hour before camp. 🤔
  10. Headed to work for two 10am meetings, one of which was pushed to 12:30.
    Which is good because now I only have one 10am meeting.
  11. Have to pick up both boys at 4
    11-year old has soccer practice, 14-year old would rather not take bus during afternoon commute.
  12. Tomorrow, I get to do it all again.
    Except I have 11 am & 1:30 pm doctors appointments.
  13. I better get a goodnight's sleep.
  14. Today, I'm going to LA to celebrate a friend's 50th.