Bad surprises

Coincidence or not, I'm sitting at my optometrist waiting for my eyes to dilate.
  1. Optometry appointment
    Informed they want to dilate my eyes. But how will I drive home?
  2. Going in for a blood test
    Handed this jar & asked to give sample. "But I went right before appointment." 😬
  3. Your favorite show new episode is a trailer.
    I'm looking at you GoT 😡
  4. Hearing the SF Giants lost & Bumgarner was placed a DL
    Dirt bike, really?!
  5. The enchiladas that I want to make for dinner, require sour cream.
    SURPRISE!!! You forgot to buy it when you went to the store😩Boo😐Plan B for dinner..that too, shall be a surprise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Suggested by   @cvlop61
  6. Loving spicy food then forgetting Chipolte hot sauce is Too Hot!