Things I want to know but feel there is no right answer. Please add yours.
  1. Why do movies seem so much better on airplanes?
  2. Why doesn't every seat on an airplane have it's own charger?
  3. What is the meaning of life?
  4. Why do clothes look so much better on a mannequin than when I try them on?
  5. Why do fast food places advertise at night, after dinner?
  6. How can manufacturers get away with providing less of their products in same packaging and at same price?
  7. Why does bureaucracies waste so much money?
  8. Why is average intelligence going down?
  9. Are people happy doing the bare minimum?
  10. What are the lotto numbers for tomorrow
  11. Why do grocery stores try to get us buy crap?
  12. What happened to communities?
  13. Why is smoking cool?
  14. Why isn't Puerto Rico the 51st state?
  15. Why is it the same meal you make for yourself tastes better when someone makes it for you? I'm talking about at home, not restaurants.
    Suggested by @MauxMaux