The great (and horrible) thing about social media is it makes us think we really know other people we don't. Feel free to add your own...
  1. Chrissy Teigen
    If I did know her, I suspect she wouldn't like me.
  2. Questlove
  3. LL Cool J
  4. Darryl McDaniels
  5. SF CBS news anchor Veronica de la Cruz
  6. Julieanne Smolinski
  7. Aisha Tyler
    We overlapped at the same HS
  8. Neal Brennan
    See Chrissy Teigen
  9. Asa Akira
  10. Heidi Heaslet
  11. Michael Rapaport
  12. Kate Quigley
  13. MC Serch
  14. Hari Kondabolu
  15. Caissie St.Onge
  16. Any Sedaris
    Suggested by @biz