30th anniversary of its release; and yes, I know all the words to all but the last two songs
  1. The New Style
    2 friends & I did a Lip Synch battle (Air band) in March 1987. I was Mike D.
  2. She's Crafty
    Great word play, even if a bit sexist
  3. Paul Revere
    That reverse bass scratch almost makes up for the bravado & sexist lyrics.
  4. Brass Monkey
    Stupid, insipid, repetitive, fun party song. Friends and I even drank some of the stuff - marketed by Bacardi. It wasn't very good but got you drunk.
  5. Posse In Effect
    If only for the line, "got girlies in the castle and one in the pagoda, you know I got rhymes like Abe Vigoda"
  6. Hold It Now
    First song I heard from the album. It was different, you couldn't really dance to it, and it has a wacky flow. I liked it then & still do.
  7. Time To Get Ill
    True story: driving home from club, around 2:00 am, listening to cassette of album and guy pulls up next to us and asks the time. I scream, "It's time to get ill!"
  8. Rhymin & Stealin
    Ali Babba & the 40 thieves...
  9. Slow Ride
    Lowrider sample FTW!
  10. Slow & Low
    That is the tempo..
  11. Girls
    Tongue in cheek, I hope
  12. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
    Nice remake by PE & Rage
  13. Fight For Your Right
    I basically hate this song