1. High school freshman son likes to float ideas out as fact
    Cites the internet as proof
  2. Has started using "femin-nazi" as derogatory term
    Apparently, there's a group of women espousing hatred of men & trying to build a master race of women?
  3. Which might actually be a good thing.
  4. This morning's commute included how there is no wage gap
    This time he used @Voxdotcom source that low, paying, salary non-negotiable jobs are only place this exists
  5. I offered him two alternate views:
    1. @Voxdotcom article actually proved it exists systemically & 2. women often not taught to negotiate salaries as men are
  6. I even quoted the concept that many people just want the confidence of a white man
  7. He acknowledged that family leave would help even the playing field
  8. As he became more entrenched I took a different approach
    I told him he might feel differently later in life
  9. And to be open to learning