Time to stop and look forward to the near future
  1. Taking my family to Disneyworld for my youngest's 10th birthday
    We took my oldest to Disneyland & Legoland for his 10th & sort of set ourselves up to have to do something big. Well Orlando is farther away then San Diego & Anaheim. Has anyone been to both Disneyland & Disneyworld? What do we have to do in Florida that we can't do in California?
  2. Hearing back on my oldest's high school applications
    We're hoping for a charter school (free) but will likely end up at a private school. We applied to 6 schools - the more choices, the better.
  3. We're remodeling our kitchen
    Met with a contractor, structural engineer, cabinet maker, & choose our oven/stove. Probably going to start some time in April.
  4. Refinanced our house
    Just closed & we got a better rate. Our payments are also going down.
  5. Resocializing my dog
    With the time change, the dog park will become a good place to visit with other dogs.
  6. One of my closest friend's 50th birthday celebration
    Adult time at a wine & cheese farm followed by a fancy dinner at a Fibe restaurant.
  7. Going out dancing
    Even though it took us a day to recover, my wife & I love going out for a night dancing to some good old school hip hop & soul/funk music.
  8. Having a woman president
    It's about time. Yes, she's imperfect but no more so than anyone else - & she's most qualified to lead the US to significant economic, racial, & gender equity.