Good Things on the Horizon

Time to stop and look forward to the near future
  1. Taking my family to Disneyworld for my youngest's 10th birthday
    We took my oldest to Disneyland & Legoland for his 10th & sort of set ourselves up to have to do something big. Well Orlando is farther away then San Diego & Anaheim. Has anyone been to both Disneyland & Disneyworld? What do we have to do in Florida that we can't do in California?
  2. Hearing back on my oldest's high school applications
    We're hoping for a charter school (free) but will likely end up at a private school. We applied to 6 schools - the more choices, the better.
  3. We're remodeling our kitchen
    Met with a contractor, structural engineer, cabinet maker, & choose our oven/stove. Probably going to start some time in April.
  4. Refinanced our house
    Just closed & we got a better rate. Our payments are also going down.
  5. Resocializing my dog
    With the time change, the dog park will become a good place to visit with other dogs.
  6. One of my closest friend's 50th birthday celebration
    Adult time at a wine & cheese farm followed by a fancy dinner at a Fibe restaurant.
  7. Going out dancing
    Even though it took us a day to recover, my wife & I love going out for a night dancing to some good old school hip hop & soul/funk music.
  8. Having a woman president
    It's about time. Yes, she's imperfect but no more so than anyone else - & she's most qualified to lead the US to significant economic, racial, & gender equity.