This call to 911 was no joke!
  1. Habitually getting ~6 hours a night when I need 7-8 minimum
    Last night I was even short of 6 when I finally put down my book
  2. 2:45 am doorbell ring woke me then flashing lights when I opened my eyes
    Almost like a disco but not
  3. Person at door identified self as police who wanted me to come downstairs
    Search for pants ensued
  4. Officer explained there was a break-in and thief jumped over back fences to escape
    He wanted to check my backyard
  5. Standing there in disbelief I told him my backyard was secure and no one could get in house
    He still wanted to check
  6. I contemplated saying "no" but agreed and he walked through my safety gate, flashed his light across backyard and over fences, spoke to his dispatch then headed back to front of house
    He apologized for waking me & then it hit me
  7. I was still asleep and couldn't think straight but I was mad
  8. Who cares if someone broke into someone's house, stole some things, then ran
    Did this thief hurt anyone?
  9. Was I awakened because this cop thought he could catch a petty thief?
  10. I'm all for helping my neighbors but again are we talking about stealing stuff?
  11. So I'm sitting here with a splitting headache (lack of sleep hangover) & I'm still mad
  12. Should I be grateful this cop was doing his job and trying to protect and serve?
  13. Maybe after I take a nap