Is it possible to know it all at age 14?
  1. There is no wage gap, just militant feminists (his word is 'feminazi") that hate men.
  2. There are no concepts too complex to understand.
  3. If he doesn't understand something at face value, it's wrong.
    This is why he's struggling in Advanced Algebra/Trig & has nothing to do with not working hard.
  4. The world is so different now than when I was his age.
  5. Jokes about AIDS, cancer, sexual preference, Nazis, Hitler, body shapes, etc. are okay because they're just jokes.
    Anyone who is offended can't take a joke and is too PC.
  6. Experience doesn't teach you much.
  7. So now he's struggling to get his homework turned in as requested, prepare for tests, and balance his free time with school work.
    Both my wife & I have offered him tips on how we juggle schedules. After being resistant at 1st, he seems to be open to using calendar reminders.