KC Undercover & Other Kids' Shows

My 11-yr-old loves watching Kids' shows
  1. KC Undercover has Kadeem Harrison which reminds me of A Different World
  2. A Different World from 87 - 93
    I was about 10 years older than my youngest when I watched this. Plus it was adult TV
  3. Liv & Maddie
  4. Lab Rats
  5. The Thundermans
    It's basically The Brady Bunch minus divorce plus superpowers.
  6. The Brady Bunch
    There was even a Hawaii / taboo episode. I was too young to watch these 1st run but they were in syndication most of my school years. Ran from 69-74.
  7. Henry Danger
  8. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn
  9. The Loud House
    The only cartoon but also most annoying.
  10. Sam & Cat
    Arianna Grande before she became super-narcissistic. Jeanette McCurdy is a cautionary tale about posting explicit photos - even if they were "stolen" from her iCloud .
  11. iCarly
    This was actually the 1st live action kids show my oldest watched when he was 10.
  12. Just like a normal 11-yr-old, I think he's got a crush on some of the females from these shows.
    There are lots of lessons for me to teach him while watching these shows about gender, sexuality, parental relationships, friends, etc.
  13. Parents' Work Is Never Done