Inspired by @mnickwrites
  1. Presenting
    Doesn't matter the topic, if I've prepared or not, or if it's a large crowd or a small group of people. If I've prepared, I'll be even more awesome but my listening skills, conviction, and focus allow me to connect with my audience.
  2. Parenting
    My mom 17 when I was born, left my dad when I was 2, & didn't remarry until I was 14. She provided me conditional love & a road map for what not to do. I waited until I was 34 to have 1st child (he'll be 14 in Sep) and 3.5 years later for son #2. I try to provide open communication & gauge what my kids are really asking when they bring up the "hard" questions. Sometimes I think parents struggle with their own issues so they fear how to address them for their kids. I'm not perfect but awesome.
  3. Driving
    I've had my license since I turned 16 and I'm aware, aggressive, & courteous. I try to remember that order makes the roads work more efficiently and though some people are inconsiderate, I don't want to let them get me upset. I drove around France for a week and saw how courteous everyone was there. My goal is to drive like the French - or move to France. 😜
  4. Understanding my health condition
    I have post polycythemia vera (PV) and Budd Chiari. Basically my bone marrow has a mutation that produces too much iron in my blood stream which resulted in a liver clot. I had an alternate route placed in my liver which allows the blood to drain. I've been living with this for 11 years and have become more proficient at managing it than most doctors. It's rare to have one and even more so to have both conditions.
  5. Basketball
    Up until about 3 years ago, I played in an adult Basketball league. I had played on that league for ~15 years but had to give it up because it hurt my knees too much. I wasn't a star offensive player but I hit open shots. I also got rebounds by boxing out my competitors. I also played strong D, out hustled the competition, & passed well. I was the definition of a plugger