Inspired by @crackdkettle
  1. I had to go to bathroom so badly in kindergarten I got up during nap time. The teacher pulled me out of the bathroom while my pants were still down. Painful memory for years.
  2. The time I broke my wrist and nose as I hit the ground.
    I climbed a fence in 4th grade while wearing bell bottoms (dating myself) and my pants got caught as I tried to jump over. I dangled for a few seconds, then fell.
  3. The time I broke my ankle playing basketball.
    I did this fairly regularly.
  4. The time I tore my ACL.
    Don't play tackle football, in the mud, with no pads.
  5. My 2nd bone marrow biopsy.
    My 1st didn't hurt but that was likely because I had almost died during surgery. The 2nd time I was awake and mostly fine. It felt like what I imagine it feels like if I'd been shanked in a prison brawl.
  6. A back injury.
    I'm not sure which one was most painful, but I spent about a week hunched over a ottoman until the Dr. prescribed narcotics that actually took off the edge.
  7. The time I cut my son's fingernail and nicked his finger.
    He was 4 days old and I can still remember his wailing cry as I tried to soothe him. I haven't cut his nails in the 13 years since. I've never felt more helpless.