My wife said that this morning. I'm not so sure.
  1. Ever since my 10-yr-old has understood what bombs are & that fire can destroy houses, he's feared fireworks.
    When we went to Disneyworld for his bday, he was petrified of the fireworks as we arrived. After 4 days, he wasn't scared anymore
  2. The owner of The Shark Pit in Maui came over and was drawn to my youngest.
    Grabbed his shoulder firmly, rubbed his head a little too hard, and seemed enamored with my son's name - Mateo.
  3. When he left, my son shook from fear, seemed scared, & violated.
    I tried to reassure him, but reflecting back, there WAS something off about the owner.
  4. My son is very cute, a little small, and extremely courteous.
    Mateo said all the right things but was definitely not himself after that.
  5. He barely ate, wanted to leave, and didn't want dessert.
  6. I was focused on shave ice (we are in Maui, after all) so we headed out and he begrudgingly joined.
  7. Just when we got our desserts, the fireworks went off!
    And my son was petrified, again.