Here's my recollection of this traumatic event. Note my dog is a chihuahua-terrier mix.
  1. My 13-yr old son and I were walking the dog down the hill from our house
  2. We made it 4 houses away when we heard a dog bark, then my dog barked back
    She barks a lot and thinks she the alpha.
  3. My son started getting scared as the pit bull ran across the street & right to my dog.
    Before I saw the dog I wasn't concerned, as my son is prone for the dramatic.
  4. I picked up my dog but the pit bull jumped, snatched my dog out of my arms and started mauling my dog
  5. I picked up my dog again and hit the pit with my elbow in its head
    The pit was unfazed after three more forceful hits to its head. It kept coming for my dog and pulled her out of my arms.
  6. My son & I started screaming for help.
    I was sure my dog was dead
  7. A car pulled up, two people got out and helped my dog
    The guy grabbed a recycling bin & hit the pit hard in its whole body repeatedly.
  8. The pit stopped & ran away but so did my dog.
  9. The pit went after my dog again but a neighbor came out with a metal mop and smacked the pit.
    This time, the other person in the car scooped up my dog as soon as she was free.
  10. I was in shock but drove to the vet. They have her overnight but she seems to be okay.
    She's got a couple of gashes that required stitches but no internal injuries or broken bones.
  11. Animal Care & Control ACC located the dog & its owner.
    The owner offered to pay for my dog's vet bills.
  12. I miss my dog and hope to bring her home tomorrow.
    Here's a picture of my happy dog.
  13. My elbow hurts