This has been one heck of a week, and not in a good way. It was also an expensive week.
  1. Refrigerator broke Sunday night.
    We're remodeling our kitchen but new refrigerator was not part of planned remodel, as it was only a few years old.
  2. Refrigerator repair person put in a temporary fix on Monday but said we need new unit
    Compressor stopped & it's over $1k to fix.
  3. New refrigerator purchased is 3/4" wider than previous refrigerator
    Original design had 3/4" extra space built in so we thought it'd be fine. After we measured, contractor put in a new part of the cabinet which made the space 1/8" too small. We were going to get a different refrigerator but contractor said it would be fine.
  4. Refrigerator does not fit. Delivery team left it off to side of dining room pending contractor redoing cabinet buildout.
    Likely to add time and cost to remodel
  5. We're in week 8 of a planned 6-8 week remodel
    Living without a kitchen & with stuff in every other room is getting old.
  6. Oldest son comes upstairs screaming because dog ate his ADHD medication from his plate
    After calling Animal Poison Control, we take dog to pet hospital.
  7. Vet explains that dog might die but they'll try to help her
    Gives wife and I chance to say goodbye and we are overcome with emotions
  8. Dog was on son's lap while eating his breakfast because we're eating on our couch in our family room.
    Another effect of the remodel.
  9. My oldest forgot to pack his physics homework & the teacher gave him an F.
    Once he explained about the dog, she let him take a picture of it when he got home to make it up. Lucky for him because homework is 10% of total grade. She also told him if he had packed it in his backpack when he finished, he wouldn't have forgotten it (I cheered a little when I heard this.)
  10. Oldest son gets home from school, finds his medication on the ground under the couch - it turns out dog didn't eat it, after all.
    Meanwhile, we spent $600 to have vet treat & monitor her all day. At least she's alive.
  11. While driving youngest son to his soccer practice, I get hit by a pickup truck
    I'm driving in left lane, when truck in front of me in right lane makes illegal u-turn from right lane. He hits the front of my car, damaging my bumper, headlights, and suspension. Luckily no one is seriously hurt.
  12. Of course we use all this to teach our kids life lessons:
    It's one of our jobs as parents, after all.
  13. Don't panic
    My oldest might have found his medication sooner if he didn't freak out
  14. You can't control things and sometimes need to be patient
    My oldest kept texting us for updates on dog all day.
  15. Plan things and don't take free time for granted
    The homework also taking his medication after he's done eating (& no longer sitting down where the dog can possibly eat it.)
  16. Life is precious
    Appreciate and value it
  17. On the positive side: my youngest got to soccer practice late, had a great time & his coach thanked him for coming.
  18. More positive: oldest auditioned for a role in the play. He likely won't get it - freshmen rarely do - but he tried.
    He also said he wants to work on the tech crew if he doesn't get a part.
  19. Dog is fine and was always fine.
  20. Kitchen remodel will be done in next couple of weeks - 4 weeks after longest it was quoted to take but still, soon.
  21. The refrigerator is very cool with built-in ice maker.
    We had to use tray and refill it after each use with old refrigerator.