It all started with the San Francisco meetup
  1. Good time meeting everyone at 21st Amendment. It was good fun & only regret is I had to leave early. As a dad to two active boys, I had overcommitted to them.
  2. Received email from our contractor that he wants to start demolishing kitchen on 7/5.
    He probably thought he was giving us plenty of notice but we're heading out on vacation 7/1 & will be back 7/11.
  3. Drove to my brother-in-laws in Elk Grove - near Sacramento - so my youngest could spend week with in-laws in little town of Grimes
  4. Crazy work week punctuated by 3 big deals and lots of small ones.
    Being in sales, this is my job.
  5. Annual performance review after 1 year at my company. Basically, I rock. But my company doesn't give out salary adjustments? WTF?!
  6. Packed up kitchen & dining room for demo crew to be able to work while we're gone.
  7. Tried not to get too excited for upcoming trip but now that made it to Friday, I'm amped!
  8. Tomorrow at this time I'll be relaxing at a Maui resort.
  9. I plan to rest the entire week & catch up on my reading
    So far I've got a James Patterson trashy mystery & Ta-Nehisi Coates book to read. Plus I have to read a book my son is also reading for his freshman year of HS English class.