Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva, in chronological order
  1. Paper route
    I was a tween - 11 & 12 - and spent all money earned on video games, pinball, & junk food. My mom wouldn't let me have junk food at home.
  2. My grandfather's architecture firm
    Transport drawings to clients - before bike messengers - & learned to use a letter ruler to label drawings. Full disclosure: too sloppy to label and it strained my relationship with my grandfather. 😬
  3. Pass out flyers for my stepdad's business
    I also had to stamp a correction on all 100k flyers.
  4. Swept hair, deposit checks, get cashier's checks for hair stylist
    Owner was over-the-top personality. I had to wake him up most Sat & Sun. Cashiers checks because all deliveries were COD since he mismanaged $.
  5. Ice cream shop & cafe worker
    First job that paid me with payroll check. Worked 3 years of high school & became assistant manager. I lived & ate at home but otherwise used earnings to pay for everything for myself beginning at age 15. Clothes, gas, car insurance, spending money, dates, clothes, prom, school events, class ring, etc. My mom was always living paycheck to paycheck & I was determined not to burden her.
  6. Volunteered for Walter Mondale campaign
    We were so excited Geraldine Ferraro was on ticket. Sadly, we lost. 😥
  7. Data entry clerk
    While on summer, winter, & spring vacations from college. Worked on getting corporate customers switched over from AT&T to MCI. This money helped pay my college tuition.
  8. Cafe shop manager/ work crew supervisor, Teaching assistant (Econ, statistics, history of world religions - a list about my prof, Noel King, is coming someday)
    While in college. Worked 40 hours/week between various jobs. TA was for credit. Rest were for $, which paid for housing, food, books, etc.
  9. First job after college, I managed men's suits department in downtown SF Macy's flagship store
    Learned a ton, worked extremely hard for little pay, & glad I didn't get stuck in retail industry.