Things about my kids of which I'm extremely proud, AKA focus on the good.
  1. My oldest sings, writes music, plays bass guitar, drums, keyboards, & can mix a mean sampled beat.
  2. My youngest is committed to playing soccer.
    He practices hard, plays well, is coachable, has great foot control, passes well, & is very coordinated.
  3. Oldest is smart, enjoys learning, and challenges his teachers.
  4. Youngest is smart, is a natural leader, and expresses himself well.
  5. Oldest is funny & has come up with some great one liners over the years.
    When asked whether he did something on purpose or by accident said, "it was more of a paccident."
  6. Youngest is very cute & it helps him get his way.
  7. Check out my oldest performing a cover & a couple of original songs: