I feel like I've had exposed emotions for the past year, at least. Here are some things that have me emotional & the emotions I'm feeling.
  1. Wistful: I've been counting down the days for a while.
    It's a passing of time & all that but, as usual, I used to think of 50 as old. I don't feel old.
  2. Embarrassed: Patriarchy will hold onto its position until its very last breath.
    I realized when Trump won the GOP nom, media kept harping on emails, & Sanders had his Stans, that misogyny could kill HRC's chance to become 1st female US president.
  3. Hopeful: Nature & nurture both matter.
    Children start off empathetic & are taught to advocate. What if that advocacy was not just about "self" but about "community"?
  4. Uninspired: Work is a means to en end
    I provide income so my kids can not only have necessities but also so they can explore their paths so they don't end up uninspired. I still am looking for that inspiring work that also fulfills me.
  5. Static
    My son's wife decided she doesn't want to be married anymore. Completely blindsided him. It's breaking my heart to see him in such pain.
    Suggested by @angela3950
  6. Static
    My bf's father, who is his business partner as well, is a malignant narcissist, and is causing a great deal of stress to everyone in his path rn. I struggle watching how he mistreats his son and also bc I know life is so short and my loss has left me no fucks to give with someone so toxic, so I have checked out as best I can, but still he persists in trying to bring everyone down with him😞
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  7. Angry AF at white America
    Can we get some reparations up in here?!