Cheaters shouldn't prosper but the Patriots keep winning
  1. Filmed an opponent's defense practicing
  2. Had an actual killer on their team
  3. Has a womanizing TE, likely the best in football
  4. Their QB smirks often
  5. Same QB somehow in middle of Affleck-Garner split
  6. So many questionable calls have gone their way
  7. Deflategate
  8. Also, is it just irony that the Patriot Act infringes on Americans' basic rights?
  9. They constantly project themselves as outsiders and underdogs when their owner is BFFs with the commissioner and they never really suffer any consequences.
    Suggested by @jimmyjamtastic
  10. Brady pouts WAY too much. BONUS: When you say anything negative about Brady, supporters nonsensically counter that you are just jealous that he is "rich, successful with a hit wife" never realizing that EVERY professional football player is "rich, successful with a hot wife."
    Suggested by @jimmyjamtastic