Sorry I'm late, but you got better gifts because I have little time to shop
  1. Michael Recchiuti chocolates
    Do you like dark chocolate? Does burnt caramel sound good? Of course it does!
  2. Habitat for humanity donated in your name.
    Make the world a better place. Give to others that have less than you. Give 10% of your annual income to charities that help others - NRA or other PAC do not count!
  3. You only had 9 lists and they're about napping and gender relations.
    Get out of your own head. Hopefully these gifts will help you expand your world views.
  4. Oh! You made a new list this week!
    I guess finals were hard. Bummer. Nothing new to personalize your gift.
  5. Wait, how many people are not going to do this?
  6. 2016 Version:
  7. I hope these are good. My favorite doesn't ship internationally. 😬😳