Social Media Over the Years

In some kind of order - chronological?
  1. Compuserve chat rooms
    I had a numerical username and was lucky to get 7500 baud. I downloaded King Of Rock and it took 1 hour. I also spent time in a Beatles chat room.
  2. AOL chatrooms
    GUIer version of Compuserve
  3. Flame Forum
    A group of motorcycle & vespa nerds who loved flaming each other on the internet. The anonymity of this board allowed for mean-spirited comments. Moderators would occasionally kick someone off for going too far.
  4. Beastie Boys Message Boards
    After 9/11/01, I migrated to a Beastie Boys website after hearing them interviewed. I found people with whom I could talk about our shared experiences and trauma surrounding the terrorist attacks. I hung out there for a few years - mostly in Beastie Free because how many times can you read "When is the next album coming out?"
  5. Yahoo Fantasy Sports
    Especially if you join a random league where you don't know everyone, like @supercommonname @list league. I'm a trash talker.
  6. MySpace
    Everyone's first friend 😎
  7. LinkedIn
    Went from a good way to network to a site filled with annoying content over the past few years. Still a good place for businesses to connect to a small database of prospects. I was early adopter. I'm also a published industry expert on LinkedIn - not really impressive as anyone can claim expertise & publish.
  8. YouTube Comments
    Ugly place to visit. I don't go often, since it's like walking through a sewer and trying to avoid sh*t. My older son sings and I recorded a few of his shows. None of them are public because I don't want to expose him to the hate that is YouTube comments.
  9. Facebook
    Something very Stepford about the early version. Mostly connected to old high school & college friends.
  10. Twitter
    My 1st thought was, "who really cares about what I had for lunch?" Finger on the pulse, obviously. 😜
  11. Google+
  12. Reddit
    I enjoy AMAs but the content is generally annoyingly sexist. It's like the Lord of the Flies of social media.
  13. Instagram
    I'm not one for filters, food pics, or selfies. I'm mostly voyeuristic - I see myself in the mirror everyday. If I were younger, I might seek attention more.
  14. Tumblr
    Similar to Facebook's font? Easy to post pictures, text, movies, gifs, etc. in one post.
  15. Buffer
    Good tool for businesses to track and analyze social media engagement. Also good way to schedule a repeated @post to capture users across time zones.
  16. Vine
    @Questlove peeped me to @brittnayfurlan's funny vines. Now, this is my fav vine: I view it at least once a week.
  17. Hubspot
    Good business tool to manage engagement, especially for email marketing.
  18. Snapchat
    I've only made 1 video. Wish I could figure out how to give myself a cool icon.
  19. I have always made lists in my head. Now there's an app for it!
  20. Ello
    What was that?
  21. Peach
  22. Msn messenger please, I learned typing on it in the late 90s early 2000.
    Suggested by   @fm