Thanks for the list requeste @Diplomatic_diva. I'm not particular or big into decorating a Christmas tree but my family is.
  1. I've had a fake tree for around 10 years, since my youngest was born.
    Less mess, safer, easier to set up.
  2. We set it up over the weekend after Thanksgiving.
    Try to return from my in-laws by Sat evening, if not sooner.
  3. About 4 years ago, the boys woke up early & set up the tree before my wife & I got up.
    The are good at building things so they fit the branches into the tree base and fluff it up.
  4. By the time my wife gets up, they are itching to put up the ornaments.
    Some are fragile so they have to wait.
  5. But first lights are untangled & hung around the tree.
  6. My wife tells them to start hanging ornaments up high but they often just load up on branches right in front of them.
    The ornaments have been collected over the years, so some have great stories & they usually stop to ask us questions about when/where/why we got which ornaments.
  7. There are items like a nut cracker book, some red garland, and a music box which add to the Christmas ambience. We put that on the mantle, coffee table, side table.
    There are also door wreaths - one made of ribbons and one that is made of jingle bells - which we hang on our two hallway doors.
  8. The tree skirt is placed around the bottom of tree and viola!
    Sadly there are often no presents until 12/15 or so. We also usually wrap the boys' gifts on Christmas Eve so it's fullest on Christmas Morning.