Mostly about being old, but I might surprise you
  1. I almost died from a blood clot in my liver 10 years ago. If you had told me 10 years ago, I'd feel as well as I do now, I'd gladly have taken it.
  2. Becoming an adult meant accepting myself: the good and bad.
  3. My sense of humor doesn't make everyone laugh and I'm okay with that.
  4. I'm reasonably financially successful but it feels tenuous.
  5. As a public school graduate, I never imagined my kids would go to private schools. It's a testament to how poorly public schools meet children's needs.
  6. School was so much fun. Related: life goes fast.
  7. I have a handful of close friends but they all drive me somewhat crazy.
  8. My mom and I are not as close as I like but much closer than I thought we'd be after college.
  9. Our dog we got for my youngest son's 8th birthday has claimed me and my lap.
  10. I watch too much sports.
  11. I'm not bad looking but I'm not particularly good looking either.
  12. I can't play basketball any longer as I get injured too often. Related: I play a "physical" style.
  13. This list is long but I have more to say.
  14. My wife loves me and she's an amazing person, which says something good about me.