This could be a list prompt.
  1. Wake up
    I was so comfy & asleep when my alarm went off.
  2. Get out of bed
    The dog was snuggling with me, so my sons joined me, too.
  3. Shave
    Don't mind a shower but shaving is annoying. Never close enough, often irritated.
  4. Make my bed
    Where are the bed making fairies? My youngest usually makes my bed while I shave but he's in camp this week so our schedules have changed.
  5. Take the dog for a walk
    I don't usually mind this, as it's a good time to think. But this morning, she wanted to sun herself & was sitting down rather than focused on her duty.
  6. Prepare breakfast
    I don't usually mind this, either. This week though, the breakfast burritos my wife made for the kids mock me as I have fruit, yogurt, & cereal.
  7. Drive
    I can work from home & be both professionally productive & personally so. Instead, a drive through traffic reminds me there is no napping at work.
  8. Start work
    Hence this list
  9. Pay attention
    Can't I just sit back & wait for people to call me?
  10. Pass the next 8-10 hours
    Avoiding work makes time pass slowly.
  11. Clean my inbox
    A time-filling activity but it is mostly clean.
  12. Call prospects / customers
    Again, call me people. I'll take care of you - trust me. 😎
  13. Drive
    Heading home, I'm reminded of the banality of what I do.
  14. Hit the gym
    Looking forward to it but I'm tired.
  15. Stop watching tv
    I hate having to admit it's time to get some sleep.
  16. Go to bed
    Only to wake up tomorrow & do it all again.