It's an obsessive compulsive thing, so you've got to understand. @BWN_7
  1. A movie
    A friend is easily bored by movies & can turn it off 8 minutes in if it doesn't capture his attention. We call it the 8 minute rule. I rarely stop watching a movie. I actually had to stop watching one on a plane and I'm a bit stressed out that I have 45 minutes to go, to finish Chappie.
  2. A book
    I've gotten better about this but I've been known to read a book I hate all the way through
  3. A meal
    Explanation probably not necessary but there are people starving in Africa, ya know
  4. My work inbox
    I just got back from a 5 day vacation and I'm almost caught up.
  5. A list request
    This request came while I was gone, which delayed completion. It isn't exactly earth shattering.
  6. A new album
    Though music is no longer released in album format, I still listen to the entire selection from beginning to end at least twice before I cherry pick my favorite songs.
  7. Checking various social media
    If I haven't checked Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram, list app, & LinkedIn at least weekly, I feel disconnected. I also check them in that order.
  8. Parenting my kids
    This one is never ending at this point. My dad left when I was 2 & my mom, try as she did, was unprepared for when I became an adult - she still is.
  9. A new list
    I am not the draft, contemplate, edit, then post type. I don't use the draft folder much.