In conjunction with single parenting for the day.
  1. Don't get the 9-year-old a medium frozen yogurt.
    He only had 1/3 of it & I ate the rest.
  2. 13-year-old can eat everything all the time.
    But not if his brother ate it 1st.
  3. Video games are a time suck & brain drain.
    When mixed with sugar, a dangerous combination.
  4. The bright sun should be enjoyed when it's out.
    It wasn't and I feel like I missed the chance.
  5. The sons cannot get the dog to go out on their own.
    She probably laughs at their attempts to command her.
  6. My boys have no problem self advocating, loudly & often.
    About everything: can you turn on this street, can you change the radio station, can you stop talking so I can make a non-sequitur comment...
  7. Naps are severely underrated.
    Too bad only the dog took one.
  8. Some family secrets that are to be kept secret.
    Suggested by @moonjockey