Warning: If you support Trump, you may want to stop reading.
  1. The brink of nuclear war
  2. Setting back workplace gender discrimination to 1970s
  3. Presidential candidate not supporting military hero who's buried at Arlington National cemetery - where recognized military heroes are buried
  4. Still refusing to release tax returns
  5. No idea about diplomatic policy
  6. No specifics of any policy solutions other than to make America some idealized (to him) version of itself that wasn't great at all
  7. Racism and ignorance on full display
  8. Hypocrisy to the level of decrying NAFTA, TPP, & other trade agreements as anti-American while manufacturing his & families brand named goods in Asia
  9. Scared old man claiming superiority yet so afraid of no longer being majority
  10. Small hands, thin skin
  11. No humanity, whatsoever
  12. "The blacks" being told they have nothing to lose.
  13. Bad hair days all around.
    Comb overs for all!
    Suggested by @BrentMWiggins
  14. Celebrities legally allowed to grab random women by the pussy. Simple as that.
    Suggested by @pili_ervin