Valentine's Day is just another day to celebrate love but we do that in my house everyday
  1. 13-year old son had a play date with his classmate
  2. 9-year old son, wife, & I went to outlet mall
  3. Bought some banana republic clothes, & new balance shoes for me
  4. 9-year old got some new shoes - old ones worn out. He got a pair of Pumas & 2 pair of vans.
  5. Wife got some clothes at banana & a pair of vans.
  6. We brought my mother-in-law back to spend the week with my 13-year old during his "ski week" off of school.
  7. Wife made a heart-shaped Valentine's Day meatloaf.
    So good!
  8. Watching NBA Allstar game - a bit boring, though.
  9. 13-year old group texting his friends.
  10. More good stuff to come tomorrow.
  11. Like most everyone I suppose: wrapping gifts, food prep, readying the house for the President's Day madness
    Suggested by @bdot
  12. Went to my sister's house and spent time with my sibs, nieces, and nephew. I ate like 20 red velvet cupcakes.
    Suggested by @moonjockey
  13. I went to the Renaissance Festival, and a handsome pirate kissed me on the check, and called me perfect. I proceeded to leave a red lip print on his cheek and go on to witness my favorite knight win the joust!
    Suggested by @Lalazany