It would help me feel less sad about Phife's passing if you add your own experiences
  1. A girlfriend introduced me to the first Tribe album in 1990. She had it on cassette and we listened to it over and over (auto reverse) one weekend in late April 1990.
    Weird thing is we hooked up on a fling after a close friend's wake - he died from another friend crashing due to DUI. The gf got pregnant and I had to travel to UCLA to help her through ending the pregnancy.
  2. Can I Kick It & I Left My Wallet In El Segundo are my soundtrack from that weekend.
    You can see how weird this is, right?
  3. Back to SF and about a year later, I buy The Low End Theory on CD and take it back to my studio apartment.
    I listen to it nonstop for about 5 hours, then some friends come over as we head out to the clubs.
  4. We hit a place where my friend is the DJ and he's mixing Check The Rhime.
    My DJ friend just cracked the 12" that day. The party is on point.
  5. A few weeks later, & multiple listens later, we hit up a new club and they are playing Tribe pretty much all night.
    We meet the DJ and he becomes a good friend who will go on to open his own club shortly with a few friends called Mr. Fives
  6. Mr. Fives opens and the DJ plays Check The Rhime mixing in Black Sheep's The Choice Is Yours (Remix)
    This fills the dance floor and becomes a signature mix of Mr. Fives and DJ Gerry V.
  7. Midnight Marauders comes out and proves ATCQ is amazing.
    Being a Beastie Boys fan, I'm glad to see them featured on the cover of ATCQ's album.
  8. I buy every Tribe album that comes out plus download all of it off Napster.
    I've got 100s of ATCQ songs in my digital library. This will become relevant shortly.
  9. My sons are born in 2002 & 2006, respectively. I give them an iPod with lots of Beatles & kids' music loaded when they're around 3.
    Gradually, I expand their music. When I open their choices to hip hop, I always start with ATCQ - no cursing.
  10. On a drive back from Monterey, my then 3-year-old oldest son will only stop crying if I sing to him.
    So I sing for 2 hours in traffic. Starting off with kids' songs, progressing to the Beatles and finally to hip hop. My son starts signing along to Rapper's Delight & Check The Rhime.
  11. On a family vacation in Maui, my boys are walking on the beach and come across some 30-somethings listening to Check The Rhime on their sailboat.
    My boys start rhyming along like a mini Q-Tip & Phife. The boaters climb off the boat to tell me I'm doing a good job raising my boys right.