10 Gods, please.
  1. My wife & I spent a week in Mexico visiting with her dad's family. I thought I was speaking Spanish pretty well.
  2. When we got back from Mexico, we left to Barcelona Spain for a business trip.
  3. A college friend, who is fluent in Spanish, also met us in Barcelona
  4. After 15 hours of travel we arrived and went out for food
  5. The hotel recommended an Afghan food restaurant.
  6. When we got there, the menu had pictures & numbers for each dish
  7. So I ordered, in Spanish, Me gusto diez dios, por favor.
    Which translates to I'd like 10 Gods please.
  8. The waiter gives me the weirdest look. My wife & friend start laughing
  9. Then so does the waiter.
    So I point.
  10. And that's how I ordered 10 gods.