Inspired by @supercommonname. I read that 25% of USA population too young to remember or wasn't yet born before 9/11/01!
  1. Awoke to the morning mix show DJ telling me the 1st plane hit the Twin Towers.
    Shout out to Chuy Gomez & Mind Motion
  2. Ran to television and watched replay of crash. Then saw 2nd plane impact.
    Transfixed by TV
  3. Called ophthalmologist to see if my LASIK procedure was still on - it was.
    Had to disengage from TV to get ready for surgery.
  4. Listened to radio on drive to Dr's office.
  5. Had procedure.
    Spent next 12 hours with blurred vision.
  6. Sat in front of TV, unable to watch but listened.
    Went through many emotions but left with overriding sadness.
  7. Depression set in and spent next 3 months looking to connect with people.
    Found the Beastie Boys message board & what we called Beastie-Free.