Guilty pleasures

  1. Staying up all night reading
    So I am guilty of this one quite a bit. I think it stems from my childhood when I was a huge book nerd and had pretty much every Babysitters Club book ever made. After my parents would go to bed I'd grab my book and a flashlight and stay up until it was either finished or my eyes hurt from straining to read. Of course back then I didn't have adult responsibilities like a job and a kid so when I do it now I really suffer the consequences the next day. Still worth it in my opinion .
  2. Mmmbop
    I BOUGHT this song on ITunes (and its $1.29!) just so I could blast it in my car and completely annoy/embarrass everyone around me. I don't care. I still love these guys.
  3. Cheese
    That food that everyone likes to pretend is healthy but really isn't. Yes , there's calcium and yes a lot of other things are way worse for you but when you eat a block and a half a day it's going straight to your thighs. Confession: when I get hungry I pour a little shredded cheese in my hand and take it back like a hospital patient taking pills. I'll deal with the thighs later.
  4. Snapped
    If you've never watched murder porn you're in for a real treat. "Snapped: Real life stories of women going crazy, cutting up their ex boyfriends lovers and sh- like that. " okay, not the official tag line but effective none the less. Sure the reenactments are cheesy but sit me down with a block of cheese and Snapped reruns and I'm a happy camper. Just don't piss me off...
  5. Police Scanner
    So this one is not what you think it is. Police scanners have this ability to put me right to sleep. There's a police scanner app I have on my phone and when it's time to go to bed I like to turn it on real low. You hear the crackling of the receiver, a low voice saying something almost completely indecipherable, a few codes , another click and then silence, almost a humming sound. It's so eerie and so soothing at the same time.