Things I am supposed to like as a woman but really don't

  1. Mani/pedis
    I barely touch my feet, I'm not letting some stranger do it.
  2. Nicholas Sparks Movies
    Cheesy, unrealistic, predictable.
  3. Designer Purses/Handbags
    Probably the biggest racket out there today. I have seen women pay upwards of $600 a pop on a piece of leather or fabric that hangs on their shoulder. I'd rather spend $600 towards a vacation and make some memories. Just saying
  4. Frozen
    I don't know one woman alive who didn't/doesn't have an obsession with this movie. For the love of God please let it go.
  5. Diamonds
    This follows #3. I've never understood the obsession. Diamonds are a scam. We are all being duped. They only have as much value as we place on them. They are a rock that came from the earth. People pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for rocks that came from the earth.