They're only special because they're ours and our memories are made of these. What are your favorites?
  1. A natural Christmas tree
    Usually cut at a local farm and put up near the start of Advent. We have just one tree.
  2. Annual ornament for the girls.
    We try to get something related to the events of the year (vacation spot, for instance) and they're mostly unbreakable ornaments. When they move out on their own (::sniff::) they'll take these pieces of their childhood Christmases with them.
  3. Christmas Eve reading of Luke's gospel chapter 1 and "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."
    We don't have local extended family so it's just the five of us.
  4. Christmas morning rituals: stockings, Mass, big breakfast, then presents.
    Our kids are champs at delayed gratification. By the time we open presents it's almost noon!
  5. Opening presents one at a time, not in one big giant flurry.
    It makes us take our time.
  6. A big jigsaw puzzle.
    We only do this at the holidays. It stays out on a table for days and not everyone works on it but it's a good thing to pick up.
  7. Post-Christmas travel to relatives.
    Fortunately our work schedules let us take the show on the road for a few days with some extended family! 🎄🎁🎅🏽
  8. Nativity/Crèche set near the tree.
    A gift from my dad, it's so pretty! Baby Jesus goes in the manger on Christmas Eve; wise men come on Epiphany.