Layover at Atl

En route home from a weeklong work meeting
  1. First flight at 6:15 was a mistake
    6:15 am is not too early for me. The 4 am shuttle to make the 6:15 flight ... is too early for me.
  2. Fussy toddler in the row in front of me.
    Poor kid, poor parents. Worse for them than for me.
  3. Quite a large man in seat next to my (window) seat.
    Also worse for him than me but sorry fella, you don't have to spread your legs that far and falling asleep leaning my way is also not an option. Mild elbow employed.
  4. An airport terminal past the security checkpoint has got to be one of the safest places in the U.S.
    Everyone's second amendment rights appear to be intact but NO one has a gun, so that's cool.
  5. Thanks for the free wifi, airports!
    Hate to use up all the data on a trip.
  6. With a longer layover, finding an actual restaurant and sitting down is worth it.
    Coffee from a mug, food on a plate. So civilized! They also let me substitute spinach for the breakfast potatoes so that's a win.
  7. How the hell do they get all those bags to the right place?
    I know a few go astray bit seriously that is a logistics win.
  8. I want to be at home.
    Just a few more hours!