It's time for an excellent weekend getaway!
  1. All the family that we're going to see!
    @rcwornhoff @nwornhoff @norawornhoff @wornhoffs, siblings John, Miriam, and Chris, and Mom too!
  2. Old friends!
    ND roommate and vixen extraordinaire Kathy Collins and her whole awesome family. Plus random people I'm sure to run into at ND.
  3. @rcwornhoff's friends, who we love.
    Bailey, Johanna, Brynelle, the whole gang! Plus Ed and Pam Blake! 👍🏼
  4. Notre Dame football
    Go! IRISH!!
  5. Welsh Fam Whirlwinds Football
    I don't even like football that much but when your DAUGHTER gets to play in Notre Dame stadium for the second time it's something special!
  6. Celebrating birthdays!
    Becky and my brother John share a birthday and they'll both be there!
  7. It's not going to snow!
    This is something in South Bend in mid-November.
  8. We'll be away from Lebanon!
    Where I only like 33% of the people and the other 66% are stupid.
  9. Tailgating food!
    We're bringing date bars, a family recipe that everyone loves.