I had to share a hotel room with a work colleague for 4 nights. I worried that I would snore, but as it turned out she snores SO much and SO loud! This got me thinking...
  1. Why are we embarrassed about snoring?
    It's an involuntary weird bodily noise, like a sneeze or a burp, but it has some shame attached to it. It's not a character flaw, right?
  2. Having to wake someone who is not your intimate partner to tell them they're snoring is terrible.
    Now both of you are awake and they're embarrassed. And it's likely they'll start snoring again the moment they go back to sleep so it's pointless anyway.
  3. How does someone snore so loudly and not wake herself?
    I'm sure I do this too but I don't understand it!
  4. What the the evolutionary reason for snoring?
    Or is it just a weird hiccup in human evolution that got overlooked?
  5. I need a decent night's sleep.
    Looking forward to sharing a bed with my favorite snorer again. ❤️