1. What's your favorite drink to make? (Nothing for you because you can't make a damn decision.)
  2. Which drink do you like better? (You better not return what I tell you to get considering my tastebuds are different then yours)
  3. Do you know where the bathroom is? (Nope...never used it in the 4 years I've worked here.)
  4. Surprise me. (No...pick a damn drink or get the shittiest one ever because I don't have time for your nonsense games.)
  5. Can I move to a table and transfer my drinks? (No Bitch...you ordered the drink from me, you pay me.)
  6. Why don't you smile more? (Do you smile one hundred percent of the time all day long? Nope...didn't think so.)
  7. What's your cheapest beer? (Go home. You can't even afford my cheapest beer.)