1. You fly through the air though not with the greatest of ease
  2. You silently thank your mother for forcing you to buy that bike helmet and thank yourself for wearing it
  3. You lay in the street while you figure out what the hell just happened
  4. You get tended to by 4 firemen and 1 policeman
  5. You tell The person who hit you, yeah, why don't you take my bike to get repaired rather than me doing it and you reimbursing me. Why should I be inconvenienced further?
  6. You get a ride home in a police car
  7. You learn it is policy and you have to sit in the backseat.
  8. You learn the backseat has hard plastic seats, no door handles and bars on the Windows
  9. You ask why in the movies it shows that there are doorhandles that don't work but in this car there are no doorhandles at all. And the policeman says it's because people kept breaking them off.
  10. You learn the seats are hard plastic so that any bottle he fluids can be hosed out.
  11. You learned the next day you feel way more sore than the day of.
  12. You wonder how many Tylenol is it appropriate to take within a 24 hour period. 75 right?